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When I heard about the terrible earthquake that hit Nepal and the growing death toll, I moaned. It hurt my heart. It’s difficultearthquake in Nepal to imagine that degree of suffering, loss, and destruction. Many parents – maybe you – find themselves living in what feels like an earthquake, but their child caused it. Emotionally, it brings about total upheaval of your foundations. It’s devastating. Earth-shaking. You’re not sure you have the strength or survival skills to live through it. You have no idea where to turn for help. You cry out to God and wonder when or where rescue will come?

It may feel too late. The destruction has already hit.

When I felt this way because of my daughter’s addictions, self-injuring, mental illness, suicide attempts and sexual trauma, there were four words I needed to hear. I believe they were from God. They were: (more…)


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come1You’ve been a good, loving, conscientious parent. You did the best you could. You thought you did it all right, you even took your child to church so they would believe in God and know right from wrong. You provided everything you thought was necessary for them to have a great life. But, somehow, you find yourself facing terribly painful situations with them that you never saw coming and you beat yourself up about it. You’re so hard on yourself, convinced it’s all your fault.

Your son or daughter has developed an addiction. They smoke pot every day. They need alcohol to function. They’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness (brain disorder) and either refuse treatment or can’t find the right medications. They’ve attempted suicide and been hopeless many times. Your daughter’s pregnant, or your son (more…)

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new life1This is part 2 from Sunday, March 29th’s blog post. This is the second installment of a collection of quotes to help parents whose children struggle with an addiction from Kathy Taughinbaugh. (Found at kathytaughinbaugh.com)

Glean from the wisdom of others and see if something here  will help you on your journey from pain to peace.

“If there is one overriding “fact” in the world of behavior change, it is that people who record important information about their lives are the people most likely to succeed in making important changes in their lives.” ~ Robert Meyers, Ph.D., author of Get Your Loved One Sober






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Remember when your children were young and were invited to birthday parties? We’d go shopping together and selectkidsbirthday a fun gift for them to take. After several years I noticed my children began coming home from those parties with gifts, too. A prize they won in a game or a party favor; a thank you for coming.
Our children are all grown up now, but did you know they’ve been invited to another party? By God. Yep. And it’s the ultimate gift exchange. He invites them to bring their sins and He’ll give them His Son. What an offer! What an exchange! What a prize!
Lord, we pray our children will accept Your amazing invitation. Convince them it’s really true – that You love them enough to offer Your one and only son.
Their worst for Your best.
Their dirt for Your cleansing.
Their shame for Your forgiveness.
Their bondage for Your freedom.
Their emptiness for Your purpose.
It sounds too good to be true.
No more guilt.
No more loneliness.
No more searching for a place to belong or for someone to really love them for who they are.
No more aimless wandering.
No more soul-suffering.I realize it sounds simplistic, but Jesus really is the answer and the solution for their lives. He’s the best gift ever – for them and for you.
062O Father, may today be the day our children respond to your invitation. Refute Satan’s lies that this offer is only for certain people and not for them. For those who are good enough, not for those who’ve fallen and failed. Help them believe Your offer still stands even though they’ve turned it down time after time, year after year.
You’re just as eager today as you were when You first asked them to come. Your arms are stretched out wide in an open welcome. How You long for them to be made whole, to simply say, “yes”. Come to the party and receive the ultimate gift, my child!
I pray with you for this prayer to be answered soon. While you wait, may your hope remain strong and please don’t neglect yourself. You are of great value and worth to your heavenly Father. He wants you to live in joy and peace, knowing He’s working where you cannot. Rest fully in Christ who knows what you will face today and in every tomorrow. Breathe in his fragrance; soak in his love. He is your sufficiency in all things. Amen.
This book will encourage you: Will Your Prodigal Come Home? by Jeff Lucas.

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The phone chimed unexpectedly.  “Dad? What’s up? I didn’t expect to hear from you until later.” What I was about to hear would shake my world. His voice was weak. He could barely speak. I held my breath. “Dena . . . honey”, he choked out, full of raw emotion. Then came the shocking news. My precious mom had died peacefully while getting ready to come go home from the assisted living facility. “Noooo!!!”

shock2Have you been on the receiving end of a call about your son or daughter that left you in shock?

I’ve had those kinds of calls about my daughter, too.

It felt like someone punched me in the stomach; like a rug had been pulled out from under my feet.

I felt nauseous. Stunned. Heartbroken.

I was in shock.

“It can’t be.” “I don’t believe it.” “It can’t be true.” “How could this happen?” “This has to be a bad dream.” “It’s unreal.” “It’s not possible.” (more…)

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Today’s blog is a visual one. I did another one like this back in July. I am moved by the beauty captured by photography.It soothes my soul. During this holiday season when brokenhearted parent’s emotions may be raw I hope you will find solace here. Soak in the beauty and peacefulness of each photo. Let these pictures draw you to a place of calmness and hope. Let them renew and refresh. Be blessed with a few moments of serenity. (more…)

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In my last post I told you about the idea of a “God Box”.  This is not my original idea. I heard about it in an Al-Anon meeting and it was very impactful for 048me. This is a great strategy to help us as hurting parents deal with our emotions of fear, worry and anxiety. It helps me trust God and let go a little more.

When you realize you’re worried, anxious or upset about something related to your child (more…)

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