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Today’s post is a re-blog written by Stacy Flury. Check out her blog for parents of hurting or troubled teens at Anchor of Promise.

When parents with teens in crisis get overwhelmed with no hope, they start a process within them to protect their heart. It’s despaircalled, “Detachment”. For many parents, this is not something willingly expressed but instead suppressed. If you think about it, how many moms and dads with teens in crisis are willing to openly share their true feelings as a parent?

While many do not want to talk about it, they often want to run away from it. For some, the idea of not knowing if they will wake up to hear that their teen overdosed on drugs, cut themselves so much that they ended up in the hospital, or ran off with a total stranger, it can be very distressing. (more…)


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exerciseToday’s post is from my dear husband, Tom. I hope you enjoy his writings as much as I do. He will be posting twice a month:

As the pain increases and the heartache is prolonged, we hurting parents begin to let go of other things that were important in our lives at one time. These could be other relationships, doing fun things with our spouse, enjoying good music or hobbies.

Another thing we let go of is our health.  This can show up in our eating, sleeping and exercise patterns. We find ourselves at the doctor’s office more, then picking up medications at the drugstore we didn’t need in the past. Surgery or other procedures need to be scheduled. Perhaps medical equipment is on the night stand next to our bed that used to be reserved for a good book.

Stress is dangerous when it’s prolonged. Stress over a child struggling with issues we have no control over can destroy us as well.

Maybe our health wasn’t that good before our children decided to make destructive choices. This agony doesn’t help. Sometimes it gives us a false excuse to continue making destructive decisions ourselves.

I am convinced that finding the courage to start engaging in physical exercise of some kind will prove to be a positive step in reducing the negative effects  of stress on our bodies. We may find our moods lifting, our energy increasing, our outlook brighter and over time our bodies will thank us for loving them, too.

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A hurricane turns into a super-storm. Fear. Anxiety. Devastation. Destruction. Lives are changed forever.

Life is full of storms. Some do more damage than others.

As I have watched my daughter struggle with addictions, depression and self-harm it has often felt like watching an approaching hurricane. Finding bloody tissues in her trash can. Suspecting she was hiding something from me when she would come in past her curfew. Smelling cigarette smoke on her clothes.

I know trouble is coming but I am powerless to stop it. I am aware of  the danger, but there is only so much I can do. I am powerless. When she was under eighteen I could do more to try and help her. But once she was an adult things changed.

I can only do the best I can to take care of myself and be prepared for what may come. (more…)

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