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It’s Mother’s Day. A wonderful day for some. A painful day for others. I wrote this special prayer for every brokenheartedacceptance mom. For every mom whose son or daughter is away from them, “out there”,  lost to some kind of addiction (drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, gambling, etc.); who can’t stop self-injuring, can’t overcome their eating disorder, refuses treatment for a mental health issue, in denial of their need for help; who has rejected their faith and values, chosen another life-style. There’s nothing quite so painful, is there?

Hurting mom, this prayer is for you:

Heavenly Father, on this day of celebrating mothers, please surround every hurting mom who reads these words with a comforting, warm embrace. Hold them close to Your nurturing heart.

Console them with Your divine “mother-love”. Reassure them You are near. Ease their pain. Lessen the ache in their soul.

Creator of motherhood – this desire to procreate, care for, nurture, and love unconditionally – is from You. You’re the One who gave this capacity to sacrifice  for another human being, no matter how we’re treated in return. (more…)


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Are you a mom or dad who has had your heart crushed by your child’s choices and behaviors? Have you wondered if your sacrifices made any difference? Encouraging Words Have you felt taken advantage of, mistreated, rejected or wounded? Has this left you feeling emotionally paralyzed at times – disheartened? 
If this describes you, then I urge you to make the time to watch this video. It moved my heart in a powerful way. I think it will surprise you. Two sisters made it to honor their mom on Mother’s Day, but their message can be for dads, too. Another struggling parent shared it with me. I don’t watch many videos posted on youtube, but I’m so glad I watched this one. If you watch it, I think you’ll agree. (more…)

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